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Vector PDF map of Zagreb, Croatia

– Lightweight minimized art map –

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About this item

Nice bright vector map of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia with fine structures for download. This printable map of Zagreb with major and minor roads has been carefully designed for all personal and professional needs. The PDF vector version of this map is fully scalable. Depending on our license, you can use this map for websites, marketing background and wall art.

Download information

  • PDF Full vector :

    • Royalty free license
    • Infinitely scalable
    • 406 kB
  • JPG Large size :

    • Royalty free license
    • 10.2 Megapixels
    • 2.6 MB
  • Instant Download

    *Depending on the license type, use this map for personal use, professionally for advertising or printed for resale.

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    • Municipality

      Zagreb , Zagreb, Croatia

    • Created

      2021-04-07 | SKU 369918

    • Source type

      Portrait | Vector map

    • Coords

      45° 48' 54'' N | 15° 58' 55'' E

      lat: 45.815, lon: 15.982

    • Style

      Lightweight minimized art map

      Web Mercator Projection

    • Sources from

      © OpenStreetMap contributors

      Design by


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    All maps licenced as produced work under Open Database Licence (ODbL) 1.0. You are free to use the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially. If you plan to resell the map on a print in addition to our licensing options, you will need to specify an appropriate credit such as © OpenStreetMap contributors.